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Secret power trick

Cogdog shows us how it is done.

For the Birds

Older individual and child enjoying feeding pigeons.


see your shadow on the wall


Gleaning abundance- these two dynamos gleaned over 20000lbs of fruit from Kamloops in 2014


“Hey, baby” I see you, seeing my friend right here.

hummingbird feeding

perfect balance

reaching up and down

TI Corner

The northeast corner of Taylor Institute construction at UCalgary

North Estonia landscape

North Estonia landscape

Sunset landscape in North Estonia, by Ireen Trummer

Sunrise in Tasmania, Australia

Sunrise, “Tessellated Pavement”, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia. The „Tesselated Pavement“ is the result of an orthogonal joint pattern in the rock.

The Atacama Dry lake, in Chile

The Atacama Dry lake, in Chile. At the horizon, the Licancabur volcano.

The Ever Descending Spiral of Technology

It seems entry, “just walk through the door and take a step”. You peer over the edge. It seems endless. When will I get proficient?

The tyranny of student loans

Student Loanz are a necessary evil and a blessing at the same time.