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Otter kisses

North American River Otters

Elephant Family

Two elephants had their trunks all tangled up, when the little one came along. Soon the baby started trying to join the ‘fight’ & by stretching it’s trunk…

face off

Interaction might not always be positive. Here’s a face off between two natural enemies. Who do you think wins? 😉

Who? Me …

Inquisitive puppy, might work for concept of curiosity, pleading, seeking


Why cats are not good study buddies…

For the Birds

Older individual and child enjoying feeding pigeons.

hummingbird feeding

perfect balance

reaching up and down



Love goes a long way

Strange waters

Testing out a 20 yr old 400 lens; the lens is too heavy, causing my right hand to shake too much. Focus not as good as could have…

Lego Island

I am doing a demo for this. I am not in Mexico. Yes I am.