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Lego Island

I am doing a demo for this. I am not in Mexico. Yes I am.

Strange waters

Testing out a 20 yr old 400 lens; the lens is too heavy, causing my right hand to shake too much. Focus not as good as could have…


Love goes a long way


hummingbird feeding

perfect balance

reaching up and down

For the Birds

Older individual and child enjoying feeding pigeons.


Why cats are not good study buddies…

Who? Me …

Inquisitive puppy, might work for concept of curiosity, pleading, seeking

face off

Interaction might not always be positive. Here’s a face off between two natural enemies. Who do you think wins? 😉

Elephant Family

Two elephants had their trunks all tangled up, when the little one came along. Soon the baby started trying to join the ‘fight’ & by stretching it’s trunk…

Otter kisses

North American River Otters