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Hustle and Bustle

Ack! This is a fun image to represent tension.

Reflective Interaction

What does it look like to interact reflectively?

Chemical Interaction

The protein interaction network of T. pallidum including 576 proteins and 991 interactions. Nodes are color-coded according to TIGR main roles. Proteins involved in DNA metabolism are shown…

Who? Me …

Inquisitive puppy, might work for concept of curiosity, pleading, seeking

Born to play!

Kids playing pog. Image meant to represent interaction.

Interact, make mistakes

Principles of permaculture are all about creating and nurturing interactions.

Light and Dark

Photo Credit: cynic design via Compfight cc

hummingbird feeding

perfect balance

reaching up and down

The Ever Descending Spiral of Technology

It seems entry, “just walk through the door and take a step”. You peer over the edge. It seems endless. When will I get proficient?