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What path will you take today?

“Life as a journey” is a common metaphor. In looking at this picture, where would you go next? Where have you been? What have you accomplished? How can…

Otter kisses

North American River Otters

Fungus among us

Tree hosts moss, fungus and a community of visible and invisible critters.

Elephant Family

Two elephants had their trunks all tangled up, when the little one came along. Soon the baby started trying to join the ‘fight’ & by stretching it’s trunk…

Who? Me …

Inquisitive puppy, might work for concept of curiosity, pleading, seeking

Born to play!

Kids playing pog. Image meant to represent interaction.

Interact, make mistakes

Principles of permaculture are all about creating and nurturing interactions.


FaceItme, Face it me, FaceTime. <—- Award winning.

Pillow fun fight

Fun fighting with feathers

Secret power trick

Cogdog shows us how it is done.

For the Birds

Older individual and child enjoying feeding pigeons.


see your shadow on the wall