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Hey rhizome lovers! This can be literal or a general image that expresses multiple levels of complexity. It is so complex.

What path will you take today?

“Life as a journey” is a common metaphor. In looking at this picture, where would you go next? Where have you been? What have you accomplished? How can…

Fungus among us

Tree hosts moss, fungus and a community of visible and invisible critters.


Guarded from going in or out?

Interact, make mistakes

Principles of permaculture are all about creating and nurturing interactions.

North Estonia landscape

North Estonia landscape

Sunset landscape in North Estonia, by Ireen Trummer

Sunrise in Tasmania, Australia

Sunrise, “Tessellated Pavement”, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia. The „Tesselated Pavement“ is the result of an orthogonal joint pattern in the rock.

The Atacama Dry lake, in Chile

The Atacama Dry lake, in Chile. At the horizon, the Licancabur volcano.

Lego Island

I am doing a demo for this. I am not in Mexico. Yes I am.

A Fine View

Sunset over Strawberry, AZ. What a funny name for a place.