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Chemical Interaction

The protein interaction network of T. pallidum including 576 proteins and 991 interactions. Nodes are color-coded according to TIGR main roles. Proteins involved in DNA metabolism are shown…

face off

Interaction might not always be positive. Here’s a face off between two natural enemies. Who do you think wins? 😉

Who? Me …

Inquisitive puppy, might work for concept of curiosity, pleading, seeking

Born to play!

Kids playing pog. Image meant to represent interaction.


Guarded from going in or out?


Aliens dancing in Calgary

Interact, make mistakes

Principles of permaculture are all about creating and nurturing interactions.

Light and Dark

Photo Credit: cynic design via Compfight cc


Why cats are not good study buddies…


FaceItme, Face it me, FaceTime. <—- Award winning.

Over Coffee

Let’s take time to talk. What did we do for interaction before coffee shops

Pillow fun fight

Fun fighting with feathers