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Three Amigos (2004 to 2015)

Brian, D’Arcy, and Alan together in Vancouver (2004) and Kamloops (2015)

Double Thumbs Up for the You Show

The You Show Attitude

Colin shows his inner snarl.

Work With Me, Work With Me

These highly paid models!

Paused Brian

Today’s Photo Walk session, right before our “jump” photo.

Bearded Man In the Tangles

Colin in the weeds, as it were.

3 amigos

Remix of @brlamb @cogdog and @dlnorman

the 3 blog-migos

Reenactment of famous historical photo.

Deer Track Snow

Deer track in snow youshow15

Bang it!

Like so many animated GIFs, the origin is unknown

The tyranny of student loans

Student Loanz are a necessary evil and a blessing at the same time.

The Ever Descending Spiral of Technology

It seems entry, “just walk through the door and take a step”. You peer over the edge. It seems endless. When will I get proficient?