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“Hey, baby” I see you, seeing my friend right here.


Gleaning abundance- these two dynamos gleaned over 20000lbs of fruit from Kamloops in 2014

For the Birds

Older individual and child enjoying feeding pigeons.

Secret power trick

Cogdog shows us how it is done.

Pillow fun fight

Fun fighting with feathers

Over Coffee

Let’s take time to talk. What did we do for interaction before coffee shops


FaceItme, Face it me, FaceTime. <—- Award winning.

Born to play!

Kids playing pog. Image meant to represent interaction.

Reflective Interaction

What does it look like to interact reflectively?

Hustle and Bustle

Ack! This is a fun image to represent tension.

Above It All

A jump over the snow. It could mean joy or triumph. I like the feel of it.